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 Pashupati Kaylan Parishad (PKP)- Animal shelter Details


Pashupati Kalyan Parishad, our name consists of three Hindi words.

  •  Pashupati, a name used for the Hindu deity Shiva, which means “Lord of cattle”.
  • Kalyan, meaning welfare (well being) here it pertains to the welfare of animals.
  • Parishad, meaning a conglomerate of organizations (association, council).

PKP intends to promote many grassroots organizations for the welfare of animals.

    Pashupati Kalyan Parishad (PKP) current status:

  • It is Running a helpline-based  Animal Shelter for abandoned  animals in  Udaipur.
  • PKP is Rescuing animals from slaughter and protecting animals
  • It is Providing veterinary care for rescued animals and from in local villages
  • It also works with 300 self help group promoted in 17 villages of Dungarpur and Udaipur district. it has promoted a federation of these SHG’ s called Vagad Adivasi Mahila Maha Samiti (VAMAM) a registered organisation. it works with children education and women empowerment

    PKP (Pashupati Kalyan Parishad)  Affiliations:-

  • It is Registered under Section 12 A  & 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961
  • PKP is Registered under Societies Registration Act

Meet the Team


Founder & Secretary

omprakash Agrawal

laxmilal madrecha


motisingh khamesra

ashwini molpariya


Pradeep bose